How Does ZeeZor Work?

When you sign-up for ZeeZor, we install a secure application onto your Point of Sale system and this application pushes your data to our secure servers.  From there our programs translate this data and makes it available as the ZeeZor mobile and desktop application for you and designated users.

How Much is ZeeZor?

It depends on your industry and the number of locations you have.  In general however, it costs $250 per location for one-time activation which includes downloading up to two years worth of your data and $99/month per location with unlimited users.

How Do I Get ZeeZor?

Just contact us and if your POS system is integrated with us, within a few minutes you can have ZeeZor.  If your POS system is not integrated with ZeeZor, then we’ll contact the POS company and ask for their integration tools (API or SDK).

Do I Need Permission From My POS Company?

No, however we will contact your POS provider to access their API’s and SDK’s – tools provided by most quality POS companies.  So, they will know that we are providing our service to you.  We strive for relationships with POS companies because working together helps our customers and frankly, we enhance their product offering. We also have a partnership program that most of our POS partners absolutely love.  Tell them about us and have them contact us – they’ll thank you for it later 🙂

Do All My Employees Have Access To ZeeZor?

No, only the ones you designate, and there are different views available to different employees.  For instance, General Managers might have access to more detailed and sensitive information than a stylist.  Most of our customers begin by NOT giving access to their employees, but it is our recommendation that you not only give access, but encourage them to use ZeeZor.  It is one of the most powerful Employee Engagement tools you’ll ever find. We will tell you exactly how to get the most out of ZeeZor.

We Have a Policy Against Employees Using Their Phones – Do We Need ZeeZor?

Absolutely.  Most Salon owners still prohibit phone usage on the floor, but encourage use when stylists are in the break room.  Here’s the fact – your employees are on their mobile devices using Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc… So they can either look at social media, or they can focus on your business.  Our experience shows that if the executives within our customer organizations will follow our guidance on how to use ZeeZor, then their employees will be engaged and will use ZeeZor too.  The results will be spectacular.

Why can I not find ZeeZor in the App/Google Play store?

A: We are not on the app store yet, but will be in the future! For now, you will want to visit our mobile site m.gozeezor.com and save that to your homescreen. Click here to see how.

Can everyone see my numbers?

A: Since we now share our whole lives through social media, why not bring that into our business? Seeing how you are doing is wonderful, but to see how everyone else is doing creates a whole new environment. ZeeZor challenges you to get out of your comfort zone so that you can soar to a whole new level. An added bonus, you can now see which people exceed in your weakest areas (don’t worry we all have those tough spots). With visibility comes knowledge and with knowledge comes growth, use this to mentor and strengthen yourself and your teammates.

What do the scissors next to my name mean?

A: The scissors is an indicator that lets you know that employee is serving a client. This means they have a client checked in right now!

I keep getting “your session has expired” error when I try and login

A: This error indicates you are entering an invalid username/password. Please make sure auto correct is not changing your username, also remember your password is case sensitive. If you are positive you haven’t made a mistake go to zeezor.net and click “Support”.

What if I do not know my username?

A: Every company has a ZeeZor ambassador, this may be your manager or general manager. If you forget your username you can ask the ZeeZor ambassador to look it up for you. They can find this by logging into the Admin Panel at admin.gozeezor.com or clicking Support on our home site zeezor.net.

What if I do not know my password?

A: Forgot it again? No worries, simply have the ZeeZor ambassador at your company (usually the general manager or owner) click the reset password for your account through the Admin Panel at admin.gozeezor.com. They can find this by logging into the Admin Panel at admin.gozeezor.com or clicking Support on our home site zeezor.net.

I work at multiple locations, can I see my numbers combined?

A: Well of course! When you fist open ZeeZor and you see the location names, there is a PEEPS button in the top right corner, next to the EXIT button (also known as the black hole of ZeeZor, we do not recommend logging out) If your name is spelled the same and your cell phone number is the same in all locations, then your numbers are combined here!

I do not have a smart phone, how can I use ZeeZor?

A: Simple, you go to the nearest cell phone store and upgrade (I am sure you have an upgrade available.) However, while you wait in line for your new phone, you can also use a tablet or desktop to view our site. You simply add ZeeZor to your tablet the same way you would a smart phone.

I do not see my name on ZeeZor, what happened?

A: If you have had service sales in the past 30 days then your name will show up on ZeeZor. Going on maternity leave, just getting ready to start on the floor, do not worry, your name will (re)appear as soon as you take your next client! If you have worked and you still are not seeing your name, please contact [email protected] to enter a support ticket.

How do I send a text?

A: First make sure the phone numbers for your staff are accurate in your POS, then simply hit the white phone symbol next to a stylist’s name and it will pop into an SMS text. Use this feature for shoutouts!

What are Key Performance Indicators?

A: KPI’s, as we call them, are metrics shown on ZeeZor that we know are the key indicators of the health of your business. Driving these metrics to GREEN will help you grow and sustain your business like crazy!

How do I run a contest?

A: ZeeZor makes it easy to run contests because the data updates real time and tracks where everyone is at. It also allows stylists to see how they are doing! For more detail on this please contact [email protected]