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ZeeZor is the first business management platform with a focus on employee engagement. We use your data from the POS provider to help simplify your business.

ZeeZor brings all your reporting and data together in one intuitive platform. Both you and your employees will know exactly what needs to be done in real-time. Want double digit growth?

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With just a tap, you can see how your locations are doing in real-time.

Another tap and you can see who’s doing all the winning! ZeeZor is an Omni channel employee engagement tool.




  • ZeeZor gives us complete control of our business and insights we didn't have before.

    Sam Provenzano Zano Salons
  • We love everything ZeeZor and it has my team unbelievably connected. It's a must have if you want to grow.

    Susan Dykstra Van Michael Salons, President
  • I'm able to keep up with our locations and all the wonderful people who work for us with ZeeZor. I don't know what I would do without it.

    Michelle Iacovetta General Manager, Great Clips
  • When I first saw my salons numbers on my phone and I could see my people too, I felt like it was Christmas. Last month, we ran a contest using ZeeZor and it generated over $50,000 in increased revenue. Seriously, it's a game changer.

    Brian Perdue Salon124 Group, CEO
  • We love the fact that the data is MOBILE and we're also given the option of the desktop version for comparative timeline data! While I was at an event on a Saturday night, I was able to send a text message through ZeeZor praising 7 team members who outperformed their goal in total sales by 15% to 46%.

    Michelle Steimann Ginger Bay Salons, Director of Facilities
  • I was at my daughter's wedding in Hawaii and could still see what was happening at my salons over 5,000 miles away.  We love it and you will too.

    Coral Pleas Cutting Loose, CEO

How We’re Used

Employee Engagement

Our customers and their employees are using ZeeZor thousands of times a month. What are they doing? Well, they’re looking at how they’re doing – and how they are doing vs. their co-workers. They’re trying to get better and better.  We can absolutely prove it.

Sales and Productivity

Follow our tips and guidance and you’ll see amazing results!  Need lots of help?  Our advisors are the best in the business and we deliver results quickly.  We will analyze your data and provide insights using decision analysis tools and data analytics, and we’ll help you make sense of your business and develop a very effective plan with you and your team.

Intentional Living

We borrowed this title from leadership guru John Maxwell and his book Intentional Living.  When you intentionally look for people to value and look for ways to show them you value them, you lift them up.  Who doesn’t love that?  Motivate and inspire your entire company with our built in communications tools. Syndicate your praise – and not only will you get better results, but your entire organization will know exactly what to do.  And better yet, when they’re engaged, they will provide input like you’ve never imagined.   It’s an amazing experience and the holy grail for leadership.  We’ll show you how!