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ZeeZor Overview

Finding your way around ZeeZor...

What is ZeeZor?
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How does ZeeZor work?

When you sign-up for ZeeZor, we connect your Point of Sale (POS) system to the ZeeZor services to allow for data to flow to the ZeeZor app. Once you pay your setup and install fee, we all up to 10 business days to get your data loaded, metrics verified, and owners/managers trained.

How much is ZeeZor?

It depends on your industry and the number of locations you are signing up. However, typically ZeeZor costs $250 per location for one-time setup and training fee which includes downloading up to two years of data and a monthly fee of $99 per location. This monthly fee does allow for unlimited users.

Does all my staff have access to ZeeZor?

ZeeZor is one of the most powerful employee engagement tools on the market and it can be provided to anyone on your staff based on the culture and preferences of your organization. Also, access to certain location data, specific KPI, date ranges, etc. can be restricted based on the role of the staff member (e.g. General Managers vs. Stylist).

Most of our customers begin by NOT providing access to all their employees, and roll it out to their staff after management has grown comfortable with the platform. That said, it is by design (and our recommendation) that you distribute ZeeZor to your entire company and encourage them to use it.

Can everyone see my numbers?

Since we now share our whole lives through social media, why not bring that into our business? Seeing how you are doing is wonderful, but to see how everyone else is doing creates a whole new environment. ZeeZor challenges you to get out of your comfort zone so that you can soar to a new heights.

An added bonus, you can now see which people exceed in your weakest areas (don’t worry we all have those tough spots). With visibility comes knowledge and with knowledge comes growth, use this to mentor and strengthen yourself and your teammates.

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*stylist view

How to Get ZeeZor

How to register and download ZeeZor...

How do I get ZeeZor?

Just contact us and if your POS system is integrated with us, within a few minutes you can have ZeeZor.  If your POS system is not integrated with ZeeZor, then we’ll contact the POS company and ask for their integration tools (API or SDK).

How do I use ZeeZor if I don’t have a smart phone?

A: Simple, you go to the nearest cell phone store and upgrade (I am sure you have an upgrade available.) However, while you wait in line for your new phone, you can also use a tablet or desktop to view our site. You simply add ZeeZor to your tablet the same way you would a smart phone.

Do I need permission from my POS company?

No, however we will contact your POS provider to access their API’s and SDK’s – tools provided by most quality POS companies.  So, they will know that we are providing our service to you.  We strive for relationships with POS companies because working together helps our customers and frankly, we enhance their product offering. We also have a partnership program that most of our POS partners absolutely love.  Tell them about us and have them contact us – they’ll thank you for it later 🙂

How to sign up users and login to ZeeZor...

How do a I sign up to use ZeeZor?

Does your company use ZeeZor and you want in on the fun? Awesome! Signing up is easier than ever now that you can sign up for ZeeZor through our app.

To sign up for ZeeZor in the app, simply download ZeeZor from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then press the ZeeZor log in button, and click the sign up option in the upper right of the login screen. The app will direct you to fill out information to create your account. Once you have created your account, you will need to request to join your company.

When requesting to join your company, it is imperative that you search for your company’s name exactly as it’s spelled in our system. To ensure you are searching for the proper account, ask your manager/owner to provide you with the account name before completing this process.

Please note, when you request to join an account through signing up in the app, your request will be sent directly to the manager of your location. If you are the manager, the acceptance email will be sent to the next person in the hierarchy of your organization. While you are waiting to be approved for an account by one of your administrators, you will not be able to access any of the account data for security purposes.

What do I do if my manager didn’t receive an email about joining our company account?

You suspect join request email got lost? First of all, have your manager check their spam/junk email.

If that does not work, ask the ZeeZor ambassador of your account to login to and approve your request through the users tab in the Admin Panel.

How do I login to ZeeZor?

When opening the app, there are several different login choices:

ZeeZor Login

  • This is your ZeeZor Login information. Remember, your username is typically the email address associated with this account and the password is the password you used when creating your account. Once you have entered both of those pieces of information, click on the words LOG IN within the white box.


  • Want to login with Facebook? Simply click on the Facebook login button. To link your account, we will ask you to enter in your ZeeZor login information one time. This ensures that you’re Facebook account is linked to the correct ZeeZor account!


  • Want to login with your Google account? Simply click on the Google Login button. To link your account, we will ask you to enter in your ZeeZor login information one time. This ensures that you’re Google account is linked to the correct ZeeZor account!


  • We all know Instagram is amazing and we are working on implementing the Instagram login to your app, just in case you prefer it that way. In the mean time, give us a follow at @GoZeeZor!
What if I forgot my username?

By default, your username is the email address associated with your account. That said, in the event that your username has changed or you can’t remember the email addressed used for your account registration, please contact your company’s ZeeZor ambassador to look up your username. The ZeeZor ambassador is usually your general manager or owner. They will find your username by logging into the Admin Panel at and navigating to the Users section.

What if I forgot my password?

Forgot your password? Simply have the ZeeZor ambassador at your company (usually the general manager or owner) click the reset password for your account through the Admin Panel. They can find this option by logging into the Admin Panel at

When creating a new password, our password security convention calls for a minimum of 6 characters which includes at least one upper-case letter, number, and special character such as !#$%&*@.

Main Navigation

How to navigate within the app...

How do I navigate between sections of ZeeZor?

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ZeeZor Profile

How to setup your ZeeZor profile...

How do I find my profile?

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ZeeZor Metrics

How to use ZeeZor Metrics...

What does the “green dot” next to someone’s name indicate?

The “Green Dot” is an indicator that an staff member is serving a client. This means they have a client checked in right now!


How to use Stack-Up...

What is Stack-Up?

Stack-Up is a blah…

Goals & Contests

How to setup goals and contests...

How do I create a goal?

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How do I create a contest?

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How to provide feedback and request support...

How do I provide feedback?

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Common questions about ZeeZor, metrics, employee engagement, and so on...

We Have a Policy Against Employees Using Their Phones – Do We Need ZeeZor?

Absolutely.  Most Salon owners still prohibit phone usage on the floor, but encourage use when stylists are in the break room.  Here’s the fact – your employees are on their mobile devices using Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc… So they can either look at social media, or they can focus on your business.  Our experience shows that if the executives within our customer organizations will follow our guidance on how to use ZeeZor, then their employees will be engaged and will use ZeeZor too.  The results will be spectacular.

What are Key Performance Indicators?

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are metrics shown on ZeeZor that we know are the key indicators of the health of your business. Driving these metrics to GREEN will help you grow and sustain your business!

Why does my name does not appear in ZeeZor?

If you have had service sales in the past 30 days then your name will show up on ZeeZor. Going on maternity leave, just getting ready to start on the floor, do not worry, your name will (re)appear as soon as you take your next client! If you have worked and you still are not seeing your name, please contact to enter a support ticket.