ZeeZor is going GREEN!

As you may have seen on our social media accounts (InstagramFacebook, or Twitter) or experienced through our preview at the Data-Driven Salon Summit, we are gearing up for some exciting times because just like all of you, ZeeZor wants to #GetToGreen!
Beyond the branding changes like a refreshed logo or color scheme, we are launching our brand-new app experience called ZeeZor Green so we can deliver you and all our customers major upgrades such as…

  • Goals & Contests – Nothing motivates a salon like a goal or contest. You can now create goals and contests on the fly for your stylists, locations, or entire business with ZeeZor Green! Not only that, but your progress will update in real-time along with colorful, yet simple charts that are embedded into your new ZeeZor experience.
  • Stack Up – Ever wonder how your performance compares to the rest of the industry? ZeeZor Green now includes the much anticipated Stack Up app that allows you to compare your metrics across a landscape of salons that vary from Point-of-Sale systems, product manufacturers, demographics, geography, and more. See the whole industry landscape in the palm of your hand!
  • Stylist View – Want your staff to see only their individual metrics? Stylist view now enables stylists to see their data first when the app launches, providing them focus and clarity. And if that’s all you want them to see, we can make that happen too!
  • Better Performance – ZeeZor Green is fast. FAST. We have re-engineered the guts of your beloved ZeeZor app to greatly reduce wait times and take full advantage of modern cloud-computing. Not only that, but ZeeZor Green will be available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to take advantage of all the horsepower in your powerful smart phones.

You may be asking yourself, “This sound amazing, but when can I get ZeeZor Green?” Great question. We are “soft launching” ZeeZor Green next week, followed by a grand “re-launch” of ZeeZor by the end of August.

That said, can’t wait to try ZeeZor Green out? We have you covered. Create a personalized game plan to roll this out to your team by clicking the button below and scheduling a demo.

One last topic is that over the next week or so you may experience some occasional data issues with your current version of ZeeZor. This is because we are migrating all of your data into our new system!

In the event that it appears like your data is not updating or is inaccurate, please check our special @ZeeZorStatus accounts on Twitter or Instagram, or notify us via support@gozeezor.com.

As always, we greatly appreciate your business and trust as we prepare for a Green’er future together.