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Run Your Business, Not Reports.

The real-time data analytics and employee engagement app for your business.

It's the foundation for driving your business

ZeeZor provides real-time data on your metrics from all your locations and your staff, helping you become more efficient, more productive, and more engaged.
“When I first saw my salons numbers on my phone and I could see my people too, I felt like it was Christmas. Last month, we ran a contest using ZeeZor and it generated over $50,000 in increased revenue.¬†Seriously, it’s a game changer.”

Brian Perdue

Founder, Salon 124

It's your employee engagement app

ZeeZor allows you to not only see how all of your employees are performing in real-time, but communicate with them directly from the app.

“We’ve worked hard and continue to work every day at maintaining a culture based on mutual respect and caring. Yes, we have apps from our POS company, but ZeeZor and their team take it to a whole different level and they are in it with us ”

Megan Jasper

General Manager – Gadabout SalonSpas

It's your go-to coaching tool

ZeeZor makes it incredibly fast and easy to provide one on one coaching with your team mates. Now they know exactly what they need to do and how they’re progressing.

“I don’t know of a single world-class athlete who doesn’t have a coach – I consider my team world-class, so connecting, coaching and inspiring is my #1 job and ZeeZor gives me the tools I need. It’s one way we continue to beat our goals year after year”

Van Council

Founder, Van Michael Salons

Aveda Global Artistic Director